I have over 25 years experience representing defendants in court with an exceptional success rate. Don’t risk putting yourself in the hands of an inexperienced lawyer who does not specialise in criminal law.

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Fee Disclosure

I understand the stress and financial burden. I keep my fees as low as possible and provide you with a fee disclosure and agreement.

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Get in touch with me right now if you’ve been charged or about to be charged.

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Criminal Defence Lawyer Manly

Don’t face the legal system on your own. If you’re charged by police I can provide expert advice and help you navigate the court system.
Exercising your right to remain silent is preferable if you have not spoken to me. You are not required to attend a police station unless you are under arrest. And if you are under arrest you can apply for bail immediately.
lawyers manly


– Only necessary contact to keep down costs

– Confidentiality

– More than 25 years experience

– Knowledge of most magistrates and judges


I will get back to you. If I am in court or conference and you can’t reach me, leave a message on my mobile or send an email, and I will return your message as soon as I can.

The court matters I can assist you with:

Affray and Public Violence

Common Assault

Break and Enter


Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH)

Offensive Language/Conduct

Traffic Driving

Sexual & Indecent Assault

Aggravated Assault

Contravene AVO (ADVO, APVO)

Centrelink Fraud

Firearms Offences

Malicious Damage


Stalking & Intimidation

Section 32 Mental Health Defence

Apprehended Violence Orders

Bail Application

Drug Offences

Fraud Offences

Murder & Manslaughter

Robbery, Theft & Goods in Custody


Specialising in guilty pleas and District Court Appeals



what our client’s say?

This lady saved my life. I was looking at a long jail sentence but thanks to bronwyn i got to come home to my family.
You’re truly amazing.

Juzz R

Chief Director

Bronwyn is a highly experienced criminal barrister and I have reverred many clients to her. No nonsense, down to earth and will fight for you

Liesel Pierce

Client from United States

Member of the NSW Bar Association

Bar Association

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be court levies presently between $85.00 to $184.00.

The Local Court of NSW charges a Victims Support Levy and/or Court Costs Levy if you have been convicted of an offence, or an offence has been found proven against you yet no conviction has been recorded against you. Levies must be aid within 28 days of the date of attending court. If you are unable to pay within this time then please contact the court office.

Victims Support Levy provides counselling for victims of violent crime.

The following offences are exempt from VSL:

Offensive language

Offences relating to travelling on public transport without paying

Offensive conduct

Parking offences

Court Costs Levy contributes to the cot of running the court system.


Convictions resulting in imprisonment

Convictions before the Drug Court

Children’s Court

Orders dismissed under Section 10(1)(A) of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 do not attract the levy.

There is no right of appeal against the levy which is administrative and not judicial. If you fail to pay it you may have to pay additional enforcement costs.

The expression “section10” refers to section 10(1)(A) of the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999. This section allows a Court to find you guilty of an offence, and discharge you without recording a conviction. Because there is no conviction, there is no criminal record. If it is a driving charge there is also no loss of drivers license and no other penalty.

With mobile phones and computer technology comes new laws

Been taking videos of your young son or daughter or their friends naked? What does the law say about photographing a child without their consent?

Section 91FA-H of the Crimes Act 1900 (Child Abuse Material)

No child can be filmed as a victim of torture or cruelty, in a sexual pose or activity, nor can their private parts be filmed. Again such acts are entirely prohibited and consent is irrelevant. Such an offence attracts a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment.

So, to answer the question, the law says you cannot get consent and you cannot do it. An “indecent act” is any act that is morally reprehensible. It’s not ok to post naked photographs of your children on Facebook or send them on your computer. Also, please remember that the person who takes the photograph owns the photograph and you cannot use another person’s photograph or video without their permission no matter what the circumstances.